Welcome to the www.creatpea.com website (hereinafter referred to as “the site”). The site is operated by Sunny Food (hereinafter referred to as “the site operator”).

The site operator deeply respects the privacy of its users. This document details the site operator’s policy regarding privacy protection, and the site operator commits to adhere to this policy.

The purpose of this policy is to clarify the site operator’s practices concerning the privacy of its users, as well as how the site operator uses the information provided or collected when users interact with the site.

Your use of the Website indicates your acceptance of these terms.

For ease of reading, these terms are written in the masculine gender, but they equally apply to all genders.

These terms are applicable when using the website and the services it offers through any communication device, such as cell phones, PDAs, etc.

1) Providing Details When Purchasing a Product on the Site:

  • Any purchase on the site will necessitate the user to register and provide personal details, including but not limited to: email, telephone number, full name, and address.
  • It is imperative that you provide only accurate, complete, and truthful information. By doing so, you attest to the correctness of the details you’ve provided. Providing incorrect or incomplete details may hinder your ability to utilize the purchase services on the site.

2) Information Security on the Site:

  • The site operator prioritizes the privacy of its users and employs advanced security systems to safeguard the information entrusted to them. However, despite rigorous efforts, there is no guarantee that the information will remain undisclosed in the event of a breach of the website’s security measures or servers.
  • By using the site, users acknowledge that the site operator shall not be held liable for any information exposure resulting from unauthorized breaches or cyber-attacks on the site’s infrastructure. Users forgo any rights to lodge demands or claims against the company in such instances.

3) Databases and Use of Information by the Site Operator:

  • The site operator may retain information provided by users in its databases.
  • The data collected will reside in the site operator’s database and will be under its purview and responsibility.
  • The site operator reserves the right to use the information as outlined in this privacy policy or as per relevant legal provisions.
  • Collected information will be used to provide services requested by the user, which may include, but are not limited to: enabling the use of various services on the site, enhancing and refining the services and content available, modifying or terminating existing services and content, facilitating product and service purchases on the site, personalizing ads based on user preferences, and gathering and presenting statistical data.

4) Electronic Direct Mail:

  • The site operator may periodically communicate with users through various channels, including email, SMS, or other notifications, to share information about its services or to provide marketing and advertising materials. This might encompass both content produced by the site operator and content shared on behalf of third-party advertisers.

Such communications will be sent in accordance with applicable laws, and only to users who have explicitly consented to receive them. Users have the right to revoke their consent at any time and discontinue receiving these communications.

5) Databases and Use of Information by the Site Operator:

  • The site operator may retain user-provided information in its databases.
  • The collected data will be stored under the responsibility and custody of the site operator.
  • The site operator reserves the right to utilize the data as specified in this privacy policy or as mandated by relevant legal provisions.
  • Information is used to deliver services requested by the user, including enabling various site services, enhancing and refining the content offered, modifying or discontinuing services, facilitating purchases, tailoring ads based on user preferences, and sharing statistical data with third parties, including advertisers.
  • By using this site, users agree to and acknowledge that they have no claims against the site operator regarding the usage of their information as described.

6) Disclosure of Information to Third Parties:

  • The site operator may grant access to or share the information with third parties for purposes related to site operation, development, and enhancement.
  • As per the Protection of Privacy Law, 1981, every individual has the right to access and rectify their data in a database. Anyone who identifies inaccuracies in their data can request the database owner to correct or delete it.
  • Apart from the above, the site operator won’t share your personal details or site activity data with third parties, except in the following scenarios:

1.When purchasing products or services from third-party vendors through the site.

2.In case of a breach of the website’s Terms of Use

  1. If your actions on the site are unlawful.

4.If a legal order mandates sharing your details with a third party.

5.If the site operator undergoes a business transfer, merger, or acquisition, given the successor entity upholds this privacy policy.

7) Collection of Information from Third Parties:

  • We gather data when you interact with third-party websites and apps affiliated with our site. This encompasses information about your visits, site service utilization, and any data shared by the third-party app’s developer or publisher.
8) Collection of Information by Third Parties:
  • During site usage, the site operator may integrate third-party software for content delivery, service provisioning, or additional functionalities.
  • Users acknowledge that such third-party software may collect information during their interactions with the site.
  • The site operator can share non-personally identifiable user information with business partners (including site advertisers) to customize ads and content based on users’ interests, gender, age group, or location.
  • Furthermore, users agree that the site operator’s business partners (including advertisers) may independently gather such non-identifying data about them.
  • Users acknowledge that the site operator employs “cookies” for its seamless and secure operation, which includes gathering statistical data, verifying details, personalizing the site experience, and enhancing information security.
  • Some ads displayed on the site may originate from third-party servers managing the site’s advertisement system.
  • Ad management from these entities may require placing cookies on user devices and embedding web beacons in the ads. Web beacons are minuscule graphic files with unique identifiers that assist in collecting viewing metrics, audience data (e.g., age, gender), and data from interest-based advertising initiatives, like those from Google Analytics.
  • The data collected doesn’t identify individual users but aims to tailor ads to match users’ interests.
  • These third-party entities’ usage of cookies and web beacons adheres to their specific privacy policies, not this site’s policies.
  • Information within cookies can encompass a user’s browsing habits, referral sites, browsing duration, areas of interest, and more. Users can disable cookies through browser settings and delete them from devices anytime. However, disabling cookies may restrict some site functionalities or services and impact personalized ad experiences.
10) Changes to Privacy Policy:
  • The site operator retains the right to modify the terms of use and this privacy policy periodically. Updates will be signified solely by posting the revised policy on the site, without any additional notification obligation.