Who we are?

We proudly produce meat, chicken, and fish substitutes We believe that everyone deserves an alternative that is tasty, high quality and has high nutritional values.

After extensive testing in the kitchen, we’re confident we’ve crafted the best alternative for you.

Our unique formula is a dry blend based on pea protein that doesn’t require refrigeration. So, we’re not just a delicious option – we’re also a convenient and easy-to-use substitute!

The next generation of meat, chicken and fish substitutes

Meet Creative Pea
The future of meat, chicken and fish substitutes

With a great taste, almost like meat, without the need for freezing and at attractive prices!
The products are suitable for vegans, vegetarians, athletes, travelers, meat reducers and even meat eaters.
With excellent nutritional values and high-quality pea protein.
Our products are exactly what you need for a good, quick and tasty meal.
Easy, fast, affordable and most importantly - does not compromise on taste!

We invite you to try our high-quality meat and chicken substitutes And find out how delicious they are!

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Protect the environment

In today’s world, everyone already knows – concern for the environment begins first of all with us.

For more than 30 years, many environmental experts have been warning us that the current situation cannot continue like this.

A change is needed not only regarding the quality of our environment – but also a change in our morality.

We believe that it is impossible to close our eyes to what is happening in front of us.
That’s why we do our best to make the required change of perception as easy as possible for the consumer.

We are happy to be a part of this right and just effort, and to contribute our small part to it, so that we can live in a healthier, more moral and more pleasant world for all of us.