Welcome to the site creatpea.com (hereinafter: “the website”), the website is operated by “Creative Pea Ltd.” PO: 516220001 (hereinafter: “the website operator”).

These terms of use (hereinafter: “the terms and/or terms of use”) define the rights and obligations when using the website, please read these terms carefully, because they constitute a binding agreement between you and the website operator.

Use of the site indicates your agreement to these terms.

The terms are worded in the masculine language for convenience only and of course refer to women as well.

These terms apply to the use of the website and the services included in it through any communication device (such as a cell phone, PDA, etc.). They also apply to the use of the website, either through the Internet or through any network or other means of communication.

  1. general
  2. Subject to the terms of use, the term “user” means any person who uses this website in any way and form(hereinafter: “the user”).
  3. To the extent that you do not agree to the terms of the terms of use, you are requested not to make any use of the site.

third. The instructions of the terms of use prevail over everything stated on the website.

  1. These regulations will be binding and will operate for the benefit of the parties, their representatives, their heirs and any other authorized representative of theirs.

God. The user undertakes to use the website subject to the terms of use and declares that he knows that the website and everything contained therein is not a substitute for legal advice and/or advice in any field.

and. The site operator reserves the right to change the terms of use of the site without any prior notice to its users and this will not be to detract from the validity of the terms of use and their applicability.

  1. The chapter titles are provided for convenience and orientation only and will not be used to interpret the terms of use.
  2. The site offers meat, chicken and fish substitutes for purchase – all vegetarian.
  3. Limitation of liability on the part of the website operator
  4. The operator of the site will not be responsible for any damage of any kind whatsoever that has been and/or will be caused to the user and/or to a third party for the contents displayed on the site and/or the products sold on the site.
  5. The site and everything displayed on it can be used without warranty of any kind, express or implied.

third. All the contents presented on the website are not a substitute for nutritional advice and/or advice in any field by professionals in any field and topic that are presented on the website.

  1. The site is offered to the public “as is” (“As Is “).

God. The site operator will not be held responsible for adapting the site to the user’s needs, nor for the inability to use the services through the site, as detailed above.

and. The user declares that he hereby releases the operator of the site from any responsibility, directly or indirectly, for any case in which the execution of a transaction and/or browsing on the site will not be carried out, in part and/or in full, for any reason whatsoever and from responsibility for any technical and/or other problem that impairs the ability to use the site .

  1. The site operator checks the content that it uploads to the site, and makes every effort to ensure their quality and the quality of the content that appears in them, however, the site operator cannot guarantee that all of the content will fully match or fully satisfy the user’s expectations, and/or that there will not be in which there is any error (either technically or with regard to the displayed content), and/or that they completely match the values of each user, therefore, the site operator and/or anyone on her behalf will not be responsible, and will not bear, directly or indirectly, any damage, direct, indirect , consequential or special, financial or otherwise, caused to the user/purchaser or any third party due to or as a result of viewing and/or relying on content that appears on the website, which will be caused for any reason whatsoever.
  2. The site operator does not guarantee that the service provided on the site will not be interrupted, will be provided as usual without breaks and interruptions and/or will be immune from illegal access to the site’s computers, damages, breakdowns, breakdowns, failures in hardware, software or communication lines at the site or any of its suppliers or will be damaged for any other reason , and will not be responsible for any direct or indirect damage, mental anguish, etc. caused to the user or his property as a result.

ninth. Without prejudice to all of the above, the website operator will not bear the amount of damage that exceeds the price of the products that were ordered and paid for by the user up to that time.

  1. Threshold conditions for making a transaction and/or purchase on the website:
  2. The website system allows users to purchase the products offered by the website in a convenient, easy and safe way via the Internet.
  3. In order to make a purchase on the website, the user must enter the following details: full name, phone, address and e-mail.

third. Any user may participate in the purchase procedure of the services and become a customer in the system subject to fulfilling the cumulative conditions detailed below:

  1. The user is competent to perform binding legal actions. If you are a minor (under the age of 18) or you are not entitled to perform legal actions without the permission of a guardian, your use of the website will be seen as if you have received the permission of the guardian to perform the transaction.

God. The purchase on the website is by credit card only and the transaction will be carried out after approval by the credit card company.

and. Clearing fees of the credit companies will apply to the user only.

  1. It should be emphasized that the credit card details will be found and/or saved and/or managed by the clearing company with which the site operator will work only and under its sole responsibility, the site operator does not keep and/or manage these details, however, when information and contents are entered through the site, there is a concern For the disclosure of the user’s content for viewing and use by others on the network, the website operator is not responsible for their security and / or any damage and / or loss and / or loss and / or expense that will be caused to the user and / or any third party as a result and the website operator does not and will not have any Liability regarding data leakage and/or data hacking and/or information security of this data.
  2. Notwithstanding the above, the site operator reserves the right to determine payment arrangements and/or other means of payment as it chooses at its sole discretion, including arrangements for payment by various means.

ninth. The site operator reserves the right to stop and/or change the method of payments on the site at its sole discretion and at any time as it sees fit.

  1. The user hereby declares that the personal details he submits to the site or uses within the site are correct, accurate, current and complete details regarding his personal identity.

11 It is absolutely forbidden to use another person’s personal details and/or to impersonate someone else.

  1. The products sold on the website:
  2. The site offers for purchasevegetarian substitutes for meat, chicken and fish.
  3. The products offered for sale on the site are kosher under the supervision of Beit Yosef.

third. The products are approved by the Ministry of Health.

  1. The user bears the sole responsibility if he has an allergy to one of the product’s components. The user must carefully read the product ingredients on the packaging. The website operator will not bear any responsibility towards this type of user.

God. It is hereby clarified that the products are substitutes only. Everything presented on the website does not constitute medical and/or nutritional and/or dietetic advice and the operator of the website will not bear any kind of responsibility towards the user.

and. The website operator may at any time change the offer and/or the range of products shown in the list of products appearing on the website, as well as replace and/or add any of the products in the list of products or remove any of the products from the list from time to time, all at its sole discretion.

  1. It is hereby clarified that the way the products are displayed on the website will be determined from time to time at the sole discretion of the website.
  2. It is hereby clarified that the images of the products appearing on the website are for illustration purposes only and do not in any way bind the operator of the website.

ninth. It is hereby clarified that as part of the purchase of the products on the website, wholesale purchase of the products will not be possible.

  1. The website operator reserves the right to prevent the execution of purchases and orders, which, at its sole discretion, constitute a wholesale purchase.

11 The prices of the determining products are listed next to each of the products that appear on the website. It is hereby clarified that the operator of the site will be entitled to update the prices of the products on the site from time to time and at its sole discretion.

  1. It is hereby clarified that if the product prices are updated before the end of the product selection procedure, you will be charged according to the updated prices. Also, if you ordered a product and between the time of ordering it and the time of its delivery, its price will change (subject to what is stated in the product delivery section below), the determining price by which the orderer will be charged will be the price at the time of confirmation of the order by you.
  2. Products that are offered for sale at sale prices will be delivered at the sale price, subject to the fact that the sale is valid at the time the order is confirmed by the customer.

Hand. Prices on the website include VAT.

Tu. size and product is not available in stock, the website operator will call to offer an alternative product, if there is no response this product will be removed from the order.

16 The operator of the site may cancel a transaction if there is a pen error on the site regarding the description of a content item and/or its price, or if it turns out that the operation was accompanied by illegal activity, or activity that is contrary to these regulations, on the part of the user and/or a third party.

17 The site operator reserves the right to cancel and/or not to give any person the right to make purchases on the site due to illegal use of its services, violation of these regulations and/or non-payment for purchased products and/or services.

18 A tax invoice for the transaction will be sent to the user to the email address he provided. The customer must check the content of the tax invoices he received.

  1. Shipments and delivery:
  2. The delivery service provided when purchasing items on the site is granted within the borders of the State of Israel only.
  3. The countries and regions where deliveries are available will be in the regions that appear on the website.

third. It will be clarified that, notwithstanding the above, the website operator has the exclusive right to change the service areas from time to time without prior notice.

  1. The delivery of the products purchased on the site is possible only when the requested addressee is within the areas where the service is provided, and there is no technical or other obstacle preventing the delivery of such items.

God. The delivery times are as they will appear on the website from time to time, the site operator does not commit to the delivery times, there may be changes that are not under the control of the site operator, in any case a delay of up to one business day at the time of delivery will not be considered a delay on the part of the site operator, if there is a delay of more than one business day on the part of the site operator Contact the customer and let him know.

and. You can place an order on the site and make a self-pickup by prior arrangement with the site operator.

  1. In addition to the order, it is possible that some deliveries will be subject to shipping fees, the shipping fees will be detailed on the website.
  2. The shipping fees will apply to the customer only, it is hereby clarified that the shipping fees are in addition to the payment of the order.

ninth. The website operator reserves the right to update the shipping fees from time to time and at its sole discretion, and does not undertake to notify in advance of such a change and/or update.

  1. The products included in the order will be provided by the site operator for as requested by the orderer, and subject to the fact that the site operator has the right not to supply any products, and this at its sole discretion.

11 The site operator will make every effort to deliver all the products as ordered and on time, but unfortunately not all products will always be available therefore, the site operator does not undertake to supply all the products as ordered and the customer will not have any claim and/or claim of any kind against the site operator for non-delivery Any product from the order, it goes without saying that a product that is not supplied by the website operator will not be charged.

  1. It is hereby clarified that if, at the time of delivery of the products, the customer and/or someone on his behalf is not present at the place for which the order of the products is requested, a representative from the website operator will contact the customer, if the customer does not confirm by phone that he approves leaving the order at his door, the order will be returned to the store, and The customer will be responsible for coordinating with customer service the delivery date again. Failure to set a new order date by the customer will not exempt him from paying for the order placed by him.
  2. When shipping the products a second time, the customer will be charged additional shipping fees in addition to paying the initial shipping fees.

Hand. It is hereby clarified that to the extent that the customer has approved the leaving of the order near his door or in another location close to him, the customer agrees and confirms that the responsibility for the products is his alone and in any case of theft and/or spoilage and/or any other claim in connection therewith he will not be able to come The customer claims and/or claims against the website operator.

Tu. Failure of the site operator to meet the requested delivery date for any reason will not, in any way, exempt the customer from the obligation to pay for the delivery.

  1. Canceling a transaction, changing a transaction:
  2. The return of products and the cancellation of the purchase will be in accordance with and subject to the provisions of the law, including the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, 1981, the provisions of the Sales Law, 1968, and/or subject to the policy of the website operator, as determined from time to time.
  3. A change in the order will only be possible if the shipment has not yet been distributed, if the shipment has been distributed it will not be possible to make a change in the order.

third. In accordance with the consumer protection law and regulations, a transaction which is the purchase of food products cannot be canceled, in light of the aforementioned, after placing the order it will not be possible to cancel the transaction and receive a refund.

  1. If a damaged product arrives, the customer must notify the website operator within one business day, a monetary credit or exchange for a new product can be requested.

God. It is hereby clarified that it will not be possible to return damaged and/or broken products, subject to the fact that they were not delivered by the website operator.

and. The website operator may stop the sale of the products completely or temporarily, or limit them, among other things, in any case where the user has not paid on the due date or if the website operator has seen that there is a reasonable fear that the buyer will not meet the payments for the products and / or in the case where the user has violated the terms of the contract with her, including the provisions of this regulation.

  1. Sales promotions:
  2. From time to time, products will be sold on the site as part of sales promotions.
  3. If the website operator decides to hold any promotion, then the promotion will be valid until the date as determined and/or until the inventory runs out (whichever comes first), and everything is subject to the terms and/or the regulations of the relevant promotion and/or subject to what is indicated on the side of the product offered as part of the promotion.
  4. Intellectual Property:
  5. All intellectual property rights in the content appearing on the website, including copyrights, distribution rights, trade secrets, trademarks and all intellectual property of any kind, which include, among others, the website design, images, graphic files, applications, computer code, text and/or any Other material, belong to the site operator or a third party who has allowed the site to use it.
  6. The entrance to the site or the purchase of its contents is not intended to grant a license and/or any right in the contents of the site and/or in a part of it and/or in the site code and/or in the contents.

third. Do not copy and/or reproduce in whole or in part, publicly display, distribute, publicly perform, transfer to the public domain, modify, process or create derivative works, sell or rent any part of the above contents, by any means and media whatsoever, and/or publish and/or broadcast and/or publicly screen and/or publicly play and/or create derivative works, and/or assign and/or deliver as a license and/or make any commercial use of any part of the website and/or the contents, directly or indirectly, including By connecting to other reception equipment (physical, wireless, or otherwise), or in any other way without prior written consent from the site operator, any use of the above contents and trademarks appearing on the site and/or the site logo without permission from the site operator is prohibited .

  1. The site is for personal use and should not be used commercially.

God. The user undertakes not to infringe in any way the copyrights of the website management, either directly or indirectly, either in exchange or not.

and. The user undertakes not to take any action, either directly or indirectly, that may damage property rights.

  1. Any use that violates the copyrights and/or intellectual property as specified above, will serve as a reason to close the user’s account without any prior notice, and the user will bear all the expenses that the website operator and/or the website’s customers and/or the user himself will incur for this use, and/or for closing the user’s account, and this, without detracting from any other remedy due to the website operator by virtue of an agreement and/or by virtue of the law.
  2. It will also be clarified that there are contents that do not necessarily belong to the site operator, but the site operator was given permission to make commercial use by way of a legal license. Any section in the context of intellectual property as stated above will apply and will be valid also regarding these contents.
  3. Links and references on the site:
  4. The website may contain links and/or references to other websites and/or information sources and/or entities and/or organizations and/or other companies(hereinafter: “Links”).
  5. The site operator does not guarantee that all the links found on the site will be correct and will lead to an active website.

third. A certain link on the website does not indicate that the content of the linked website is reliable, complete or up-to-date, and the operator of the website will not bear any responsibility in this regard.

  1. The website operator will not be responsible for the content, data or visual elements to which the links lead and is not responsible for any result that may result from their use or reliance on them.

God. Any contact between the user and third parties to which the links lead will be done with those third parties only, under his and/or their responsibility only, and the website operator will not have any responsibility and/or obligation in connection with said contact.

and. The site operator will be entitled to remove from the site links that were included in the past, or refrain from adding new links – all, at its absolute discretion.

  1. We recommend that the user carefully read the terms of use and the privacy policy of those links.
  2. Without detracting from the aforementioned, the site operator is not responsible for any damage – indirect or direct – that may be caused to the user or his property as a result of using or relying on the information and content appearing on the sites that he reaches through or through the use or link existing on the site.
  3. Termination of use and indemnification:
  4. The site operator may, at its discretion, terminate the activity of any user of the site’s services, including by blocking anIP number , if he does not comply with the conditions of this agreement.
  5. The user will indemnify the website operator for any claim, claim and/or demand and/or damage and/or loss, loss of profit, payment or expense, including interest payments and payment of reasonable attorneys’ fees and legal expenses, which will be caused to the website operator and/or to someone on its behalf by the user as a result of the user not complying with the provisions of these regulations and/or violating any legal provisions and/or any third party rights, and/or as a result of details, information or files that the user provided for publication, and/or as a result of the user’s failures, as expressed directly and/or indirectly.

third. The website operator does not guarantee that the website will not be closed and/or that the activity on it will not be stopped temporarily or permanently and reserves the right to close the website and/or its activity at any time at its sole discretion.

  1. Without detracting from the above, if factors and/or events beyond the control of the website operator, including communication and computer malfunctions and force majeure events, will delay and/or prevent the execution of the transaction in full or in part, in any way, and/or the delivery of the product subject to the transaction on the set dates , and/or if there will be changes in the tax rates and/or levies and/or other payments applicable to the products between the date the product is advertised for purchase and the scheduled delivery date according to the product purchase conditions, the website operator may notify the cancellation of the purchase, in whole or in part, and in such cases no The user’s credit card will be charged for the transaction and/if charged – his money will be returned to him, subject to the provisions of any law, and this as his exclusive remedy in connection with such cases.
  2. Check of rights and obligations
  3. Without prejudice to the foregoing, it is hereby agreed that the website operator may assign its obligations and transfer its rights, at any time according to these terms of use, to a third party, at its sole discretion, including the transfer of all/most of its assets, through sale, merger, and/or in any way Otherwise, the website management is also entitled when transferring the right to collect debts from the user, provided that the user’s rights, according to this agreement, will not be affected by the very transfer of ownership.
  4. In the above case, the user’s information in the possession of the site management will be transferred to the third party, who will receive the rights on the site, and the user agrees to this in advance.
  5. Additional conditions:
  6. The prices shown in the products, the terms of use, the number of payments and any other data are at the sole discretion of the website operator, which may change them from time to time, without prior notice, at its sole discretion.
  7. Customer service and contact:
  8. For more details about the site, about the services offered by it, about the terms of use and the privacy policy or any other question, you are invited to contact the site’s customer service during the hours of operation and the contact methods that will appear on the site.
  9. The request will be made specifying the full details, and the website management promises to handle your requests quickly and efficiently.