So what do you prepare for lunch for children and parents?
Obviously, we saved from our CHICKENFREE,
which gives everything you need and closes a corner until dinner.

It’s always good to have a few of our packages in the pantry,
that do not require freezing or refrigeration,
And you can also take them outside and fry them there.
Because schnitzels are prepared at least a few times a week.

By the way, if there is any left over – freeze or leave in the fridge
And after heating, the texture returns to itself easily.

So this time we brought you Niva Bento
With an easy, quick, convenient and simple recipe to prepare

which is perfect as a satisfying and tasty lunch,

When the children return from the frameworks.
A healthy and nutritious dish – both for you and for the children 💚


chickenfree bag

A quarter cup of soy sauce

A quarter cup of water

half a cup of flour

bread crumbs
350 ml of water


Mix the CHICKENFREE with the water,

Make 8 flat patties.

At this stage, it is advisable to freeze the meatballs for two hours in the freezer, but it is not necessary.

In a deep dish, mix together a quarter of a cup of soy sauce, a quarter of a cup of water, and half a cup of flour.

In another deep plate, put breadcrumbs (gluten-free crumbs are also possible).

Take each patty, dip it in the soy batter and then in the breadcrumbs.

Fry the schnitzels in a pan with oil until golden.
You can also “fry” them for 10 minutes in the Air Frier.

With appetite 🙂

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