Okay, so until today we haven’t had an Asian recipe from one of our products, and it’s not impossible.
You can basically prepare almost any Asian dish easily.
So here, there is someone here who lifted the glove and brought us a delicious Asian dish from the FISHFREE,
Fun to make and even more fun to eat. Just don’t forget to share too, huh?

Get our first Asian recipe, and this honor goes to Oz Yonatan, only 15 years old,
A talented culinary enthusiast who likes to experiment with new recipes and invent some of them himself.
Try making the spring roll at home. It is excellent (we tasted), easy to prepare and satisfying.

Oz, your stage. Give us the recipe already!


to fill
10 sheets of rice
2 carrots
2 Gamba
1 hot pepper/chili
2 cucumber
A handful of mint
A handful of coriander
Green onions

All the ingredients for the filling are optional and you can put whatever you want, that’s how delicious it is!
Recommendations: avocado, beet, ginger, radish, sprouts, baby leaves, avocado, red/white cabbage, lettuce, pesto

for the sauce
2 heaped spoons of honey
2 tablespoons of soy
Chili/hot pepper
3 cloves of garlic
2 teaspoons squeezed lemon

For the FISHFREE mixture
3 tablespoons of soy
1 teaspoon sweet paprika
1 teaspoon black pepper
1 1/2 teaspoon chili powder


to fill
Cut all the vegetables into thin strips, clean the leaves thoroughly and separate them from the stems.
Arrange all the ingredients on a plate/surface so that it will be convenient for us later.

for the sauce
Crush the garlic with a strong tool and chop.
Chop the chili/hot pepper as well.
Heat a pan on medium heat, wait for it to heat up, add a little olive oil and add the chopped pepper and garlic.
After the pepper and garlic are golden, add the soy, lemon juice and honey.
As soon as the honey bubbles and the mixture has come together, turn off the stove, transfer the sauce to a bowl and wait for it to cool.

For the FISHFREE mixture
Prepare the mass for cooking according to the instructions on the back of the package.
After we have a ready mixture, add the soy, sweet paprika, and black pepper to it
And the crushed chili and mix well.
From the mixture, make the shape of somewhat long fingers with your hands and set aside.
Heat a pan on medium-high heat and oil it.
Fry the FISHFREE fingers on all sides and set aside on absorbent paper / mesh.

How to prepare the rolls:

Prepare a wide bowl with warm water.
Dip the rice sheet for a few seconds in the water until it becomes more flexible and delicate and then place it on a dry work surface.
Place the ingredients and the FISHFREE fingers in a third of the rice shelf, fold its sides inward and roll until the roll is closed.
*During the rolling, we will make sure to compress the ingredients slightly inwards.
*It is recommended to squeeze a pinch of lemon over the ingredients before rolling! Serve all the rolls in a wide bowl together with the special sauce on the side and enjoy!

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