They say that if a recipe is long enough, the result was probably worth the work.
Rahmoni’s recipe for fish meatballs in Moroccan sauce is exactly one of these recipes.
A bit long, very detailed and perfect just like the stew that Ototo comes out of under your hands:
Hot, delicious, with a caressing smell that spreads throughout the house and makes you want to take challah and wipe.

So get Rahmoni’s recipe for fish meatballs in Moroccan sauce from FISHFREE:

For the fish meatballs mixture:

The batter according to the preparation instructions of creative pea FISHFREE,

a teaspoon of Atlantic salt,

a bunch of parsley,

a spoonful of fish seasoning,

2 tablespoons of garlic (we love garlic),

A teaspoon of ground black pepper and refrigerate for half an hour

For the Moroccan sauce:

2 green peppers, roughly chopped

4 tablespoons of tomato paste,

3-4 carrots (I used purple + white that I had left, you can use regular ones),

2 medium tomatoes cut into circles,

2-3 tablespoons of garlic (optional),

large prawn sliced ​​into strips,

A bunch of chopped parsley (not too thin),

bhart spoon,

salt and pepper to taste,

hot paprika 2 tablespoons,

Around 3 glasses of water (700-800 ml)


Heat 3-4 tablespoons of oil with the puree in a sauce pan/wide pot, at this stage you can add the garlic,

After the puree has opened a little, start slowly pouring the water and putting the hot pepper in (those who like it can slice a lemon and put it in the sauce at this stage, as soon as it boils, turn it down to the lowest heat,

Add the spices and mix.

Then add the shrimp, carrot and make sure everything is covered with the sauce,

The next step is to put the parsley on top and start shaping the meatballs from the batter straight into the pot (I recommend wetting your hands a little between each meatball),

let it sit for 40-60 minutes on the fire (recommends turning the meatballs every 20 minutes)

with appetite