So what about which Cuba is worth? Worthy, tasty and indulgent meatballs,
Wrapped in love, bursting with flavor and always always satisfying.

Sion sent us a championship recipe, which will make you happy in the heart and pleasant in the stomach.

So here is Sivan’s recipe, a great idea for a vegan Friday dinner:

👈 for the dough:

2.5 cups of semolina

A glass and three quarters of water

5 tablespoons of white flour

3/4 teaspoon of salt

Leave for 5 minutes


BEEFFREE mixture according to the instructions on the bag

+ salt, black pepper, bhart, kaviage for soup, garlic and basil / parsley.

Make circles with wet hands, make cubes with the semolina shell.

Cook in boiling broth and serve.

with an appetite 💚

And because we fully applaud the winner of our recipe contest,

Here is the link to Sivan’s website: